January 2021 update

Good morning! Instead of episode 4.2 of the Mongol Empire Podcast, I am once more publishing nothing. Last month’s lack of episode was due to Christmas and a bit of writer’s block, this month it is a technical issue – my microphone decided to break and my backup microphone has very poor sound quality, so it makes sense to wait until my replacement one turns up to record this episode. Hopefully that will be with me in the next week or two, but who really knows with shipping around the UK these days…

This will not be wasted time. I have planned out the arc for ‘Consolidation’ and it is likely to be considerably shorter than the rise of Temujin. 4.2 is the second episode on the quriltai and looks at what actually took place in 1206. 4.3 will focus on the rise of the shaman Teb Tengri; 4.4 sees the submission of the forest people; and 4.5 focuses on the conquest of Xi Xia. I am also working on an episode on the Imperial family as it was in 1206 and one on the history of the Tangut people, the notes for which were completed a while back. Of course, this plan is subject to change depending on the amount of material I find for each subject.

After 4.5 we will be at 1211 and the beginning of the conquest of the Jin and from there we quickly move into the age of multiple ongoing conquests. I have yet to decide how I am going to present this, so that is something for future me to look forward to working out.

Going forward, 4.2 ‘Quriltai – Part 2’ should (if all goes to plan!) be out at the end of February and then the schedule should return to the monthly release.

Until then if you want to contact me for any reason then these are the details:



A new year’s resolution of mine is to be ‘better’ at the social media stuff (no promises though!).


As always – thanks for listening!

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