4.2 Quriltai – Part 2

Hello! After a delay of nearly three months, I have finally been able to release a new episode. Not all of the delays were entirely my fault – the January episode was delayed because my microphone packed up. That was resolved and my thanks go to Blue who replaced it free of charge.

Other issues are a little harder to overcome. During the lockdown conditions I and most of the rest of the UK have been subject to for the last 12 months, I have found my creativity and motivation has greatly ebbed and flowed. I presume that this is because of the lack of mental stimulation or variety in day-to-day experience, but around Christmas I was really struggling with writer’s block. Thankful that appears to have shifted for now and armed with my new microphone we can return to some kind of production normality.

This episode then is the follow up to November’s episode Quriltai – part 1. Part 2 moves away from the theory behind the quriltai to look at how it was used by Chinggis to implement social and military reforms, and ensure that every person in his new nation was moving in the same direction. Ignoring the writer’s block, these two episodes were the most challenging to produce so far mostly because of the possibility of accidently turning them into dry essays; hopefully you have found them interesting and informative!

Just the short update for this month. All being well I shall be back again at the end of March with a look at the shaman Teb Tengri and to make some corrections.

If you want to contact me you can do so via email (corey@mongolempirepodcast.com) or Twitter (@mongolempirepod).

Until next time, take care and thanks for listening.

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