State of the Podcast #1

Welcome to the Mongol Empire Podcast website! I felt that it was necessary to provide an update about the development of the Podcast to show that there is still life in it! The following post is really a mishmash of thoughts I’ve had about moving forward.

Scheduling and Research

At this stage I am not going to commit to a regular publishing schedule. I want each episode to be as fully researched as possible, which means a lot of reading and then scouring bibliographies for further sources. The episode Power Vacuum took a few months to complete because of this.

This does mean that some episodes may come out quicker that others, purely because I have the sources already to hand or there isn’t as much to look at. 

That being said research for the next episode, The Rise of Temujin, is well underway. This will be covering the years up to 1206 when the title of Chingis Khan is granted. This episode will not just be a narrative of life on the Mongolian Steppe, but be looking at tribal organisation and the politics of the Steppe in the 12th century. I currently have my head in Isenbike Togan’s Flexibility & Limitation in Steppe Formations and Paul Kahn’s adaptation of The Secret History of the Mongols.


Currently I have only really used this website to promote sources and link to the podcast itself. I am also looking to develop resources that will be independent of the episodes but complementary; such as family trees and providing information about the primary sources I am using. This is definitely a work in progress.

Social Media

There is a Twitter feed (@mongolempirepod) but this is an entirely new thing for me, so bear with me as I come to grips with it. Also, apologies if you get a very delayed response on Podbean or anywhere, I haven’t really been checking my accounts on a regular basis. This will change…

Thanks for all the support until this point!

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