Mongol Empire Podcast is currently on hiatus for the foreseeable future – thank you for the support over the last few years. I will be back.

Hello my name is Corey and welcome to – the website for the podcast of the same name.

Having collected books about the Mongol Empire for quite few years, I felt that I should perhaps do something with them other than leaving them as shelf decoration. I had listened to a number of podcasts that talked about the Mongol conquests, but always came away slightly frustrated that there wasn’t more detail involved. Why were a group of nomads able to conquer two-thirds of the Eurasian landmass? How did the empire function? What happened to the successor states? Released on a monthly basis, Mongol Empire Podcast is my attempt at producing a more analytical retelling of the history of the Mongol Empire.

On this website you will find all of the resources I have used in the creation of the podcast. The key pages are the Episodes, News and Bibliography. Episodes provides a summary for each released episode with links to Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Stitcher and Spotify. The News page is where you can find updates for the podcast and website, and Bibliography contains a list of the sources used to create each episode.

The Resources tab contains all the biographies, dynastic lists and, well, resources I will be gradually putting together as the podcast develops –  things that will (hopefully!) help to bring greater understanding and context to the subject.

If you want to get in contact with me for any reason, this can be done via email or Twitter:

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