Episode 3.3 and A New Year’s Road Map

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new episode of the Mongol Empire Podcast! 3.3 comes with its very own sub-title, First Steps (Steppes?!), in recognition of the fact that the Rise of Temujin has been promoted to a series in its own right. Congratulations to it. Basically, I realised that the amount of material and analysis I want to use would take up far more than the 4 episodes initially pencilled to cover the years to 1206. And I’m fine with this, I wanted to present a more detailed account of the Mongol conquests, and the whole process has been enjoyable; the reward for me has been the steadily growing numbers of people listening – which is indicates that people are either enjoying my work or it’s good meme material. Either way I’m glad people are taking an interest.

So, what can we look forward to in 2020? My plan is to publish a main episode on a monthly basis, with mini-episodes (think Kereyid/Toghoril) being made as and when it seems appropriate or if I have a particular interest. I will also look to actively promote the podcast (something I am very, very bad at, even to friends and family!), which means some engagement on Twitter and possibly other platforms.

Plans for this website remain similar to those I’ve espoused before; primarily this means an increase in the number of resources available – book reviews, source discussion, mini essays and more visual items such as maps and family trees.

In addition to these, I want to try to have bi-monthly updates but that will depend mostly on the amount of material I have to talk about.

Obviously, these plans will evolve as the pressures of work and a social life come into play; there are likely to be some major changes during this year so we shall see how it goes.

For now, enjoy the latest episode and if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact me at corey@mongolempirepodcast.com or on my very empty Twitter feed @mongolempirepod.


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